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Launching a new Capital Equipment is certainly an expensive affair. Typically, the big bucket costs include that of shipping the Equipment to the location of the conference or trade fair. Further, the costs of insurance and that of repairing a machine before shipping it to the next location are also quite significant. Among the many challenges that your Marketing Managers usually face, a notable one is that of ensuring a good return on investment from the product launch events.
NexRea has developed an Augmented Reality app that promises an easier, cheaper and dare we say a better way to showcase your Equipment and its features and complexity without it actually being present or if present, remaining unpacked! With an Augmented version of your Equipment, you can be rest assured that you improve your chances of customer acquisition, accessibility, satisfaction and retention at a fraction of a “traditional” product launch cost.



Positioning a competing value proposition to your salespeople for your Equipment can pose a significant challenge. Add the absence of the actual Equipment at the location of your sales team, lengthy training presentations and tracking your prospect’s data can multiply your woes.
NexRea’s Augmented Reality app has features that simulate your Equipment effortlessly. The visual impact provided this way is a lot better when compared to your existing presentations. Your sales team can boast of carrying the “Equipment” in their pockets which leads to the closure of deals faster. The app also has features that enable a salesperson to track and analyze data of each prospect. With NexRea’s Augmented Reality app, you can be sure of huge savings in time and money, enabling your prospects in making a quicker decision, and sharing your Equipment virtually with your sales personnel and customers anytime, anywhere!



In terms of service or repair, your customers are sure to demand quick response and even quicker resolution of their issues. If this is not done within a reasonable time frame, you run the risk of losing customers. Each time your customers request for a service, your engineers need to travel to their location and address it, incurring considerable costs in time and money. Increasing service demands, require the hiring of additional support personnel that threaten to hit your bottom line.
NexRea’s Augmented Reality solutions can come to your rescue by providing an app that helps your technicians service a wider range of devices and Equipment remotely. The app provides step by step instructions on installing, maintaining, repairing and supporting a range of medical devices remotely. It also allows for the collaboration of remote experts and field technicians in real time, thus avoiding expensive field visits. This in turn enhances customer satisfaction and reduces servicing costs significantly. No more disgruntled customers!



Inconsistent training and the fact that you may have to fly down customers to a single location and train them on the features and usage of your Equipment may be major deterrents to providing a learning experience that your customers would love. Add the fact that there may be multiple trainers spread across different geographical locations and you have a scenario where the training delivered is inconsistent.
Let NexRea solve your problem with our Augmented Reality app that can simulate difficult-to-replicate scenarios thereby preventing any damage to the device. With this app, your customers are free to “play” with the device without any hassles and within the comfort of their geographical location. By providing training in a virtual environment, you can avoid any kind of expensive downtime or disruption to your normal operations, in addition to saving on travel costs. Such a novel way of training translates to “surprising and delightful” learning experiences that improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.